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The Power of the Press
Written by admin, May 21st, 2009   

Hopefully you caught it…a terrific article in the Press Democrat penned by Rayne Wolfe. Responding with enthusiasm when I wrote to her about the bookmobile, Rayne featured us in a prime spot in the community section of the Sunday, May 17th edition.

The response from the public has touched me deeply. It seems we’re on to something here, something that speaks to childhood memories, a love of reading, and the responsibility so many feel to help inspire young and older minds alike. We have received offers to come speak, offers to do local collection drives, offers to help in whatever way possible. And books! The books are coming, literally (in one case) by the truckload!

Our trajectory tilts ever higher. A huge thank you to the local press: to Crista Jeremiason, who took a great photograph for the story, and especially to Rayne. She continues to advise and cheer for us – a gift we will always cherish.

Collection Days Are Coming
Written by admin, May 12th, 2009   

As the traditional spring warmth washes over lush hill and dale, I am lifted in the knowledge that, thanks to our new friends around the county, we will soon be gazing at stacks of books above our heads. Petaluma and Sonoma Valley Friends of the Library will be holding their quarterly book sales this weekend and the Free Bookmobile will be the lucky recipient of some of the leftovers.

We have also been in touch with the Friends President in Cloverdale, who has books for us and as well, some important local information about where to distribute. Indeed, once we are loaded up, it will be critical to establish the best locations to reach the most needy folks out there. Please drop us a line if you know of a good place to give away books in a rural town.

And thanks for all the letters of support!