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Volunteers Needed for Local Promotion
Written by admin, February 23rd, 2012   

Volunteers welcome!  We have several fun ways you can help the Free Bookmobile, and at the moment we are especially eager to meet folks who might like to become a Neighborhood Promoter.   This is an important job in which you can use your local knowledge to spread the word of our upcoming visits to your area and presto!  More people will get great free books.  Best if you are familiar with local media, schools, e-lists and/or high foot-traffic areas in your town or neighborhood.  Just email for more details, or download our latest volunteer jobs list from our “Help Us!” webpage.

And hey, don’t forget to tell a friend!

Free Bookmobile Serves Sebastopol During Library Closure
Written by admin, February 23rd, 2012   

We want Sebastopolians to know that the Free Bookmobile is there for them!  In response to the temporary closure of the county’s Sebastopol Library branch, we have added at least four monthly events in town through May.  We will be in the Safeway parking lot from 3 – 7 Pm on February 22, March 28, April 18, and May 16 (all Wednesdays).  Our first event last night went well as we greeted some new patrons who hadn’t yet heard of us and enjoyed happy faces all ’round.  Come ease your library sorrow and pick up some great books for all family members!