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Guest Blog: Karina King
Written by admin, April 21st, 2011   

Today’s contribution comes from one of our youngest and most dedicated volunteers, 12-year-old Karina King.  For months now, Karina and her family members Dori, Warren, and Carlee have been putting in a ton of hours collecting and sorting books, driving donations, helping out at our give-away events, and doing research in support of our mission.  Karina even scored the first official ride-along in the new ‘mobile!  Here is the speech she gave to her schoolmates in Petaluma during her knighting ceremony…


My community service project was with the Sonoma County Free Bookmobile.  The Sonoma County Free Bookmobile is really trying to get books to people who either can’t afford them or who need to spend money on something else.  The Bookmobile travels all around Sonoma County.  Here are a few cities I visited:  Forestville, Graton, Occidental, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.  I did a book drive at school and collected over 650 books.  I also picked books up at two of the drop-off locations:  COTS in Petaluma and Paul’s Engine Shop in Santa Rosa.

While I was at one of the locations I noticed the people there were very grateful for the Bookmobile.  Some of the people found armfuls of books and even had to make second trips.  The kids who found books were very excited and happy while others who found few or nothing at all simply walked away.  The bookmobile helps kids enjoy books and reading more by teaching them it can be fun.

During my knighting task I used kindness and generosity as I helped kids and adults enjoy reading more.  But I think most important was I volunteered with pleasure.  I did not volunteer because I had to, but because my love for books is so strong and I want to share that with people.  After volunteering for the bookmobile it has made me realize that I too can make a difference for those who wish to read and may not have the chance at all in their life.