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Impact100 Sonoma Awards Grant to Free Bookmobile for More Neighborhood Libraries
Written by admin, June 26th, 2012   

A really important grant win for us!  Impact100 Sonoma is a women’s giving circle that aims to award an impact grant of $100,000 to a deserving Sonoma Valley non-profit each year.  This is their third year meeting that goal, with an all-time high 195 women participating.  Fortunately for us, they also offer community grants to smaller organizations such as the Free Bookmobile.  On the strength of our growing Neighborhood Libraries program, we were among several non-profits to receive a share of the remaining funds.  We want to extend big thanks to Impact100 for their faith in our work, and to our partners at the Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library.  We look forward to using this grant to establish new mini-libraries and service the ones we launched back in March.  You can read more about Impact 100 here: