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Guest Blog: Edgerrin Weaver
Written by admin, June 6th, 2010   

This contribution was written by 10-year-old Edgerrin Weaver, one of the younger members of the Free Bookmobile team.

Edge Head

Dear Supporters,

I, for the most part, am having a great time being part of the Bookmobile.  It’s fun and also sometimes not so fun when I get picked up from school and the car is piled high with books.  We even have a storage unit the size of a trailer home.  I think the good part is that I can read any book I want from the trailer and storage unit before we give it away.  It’s also fun to see Carrie come to join and help us.

There are some downs about working with the Bookmobile.  1) Sometimes when we have books in the car and we go on twisty and sharp-turning roads the books fall onto me and Sylvan and it really hurts.  2) Sometimes when we want to go to the park or the movies my dad realizes that we said we were going to go bookmobiling so we can’t go.  3) It can get boring.  One time, we went to Camp Meeker and we only had 2 people come!  Usually, we have 100′s!

Why you should visit us: 1) It’s all free and my dad’s girlfriend makes really cool bookmarks.  2) Take as many as you can carry.  3) We are nice and friendly and we do this because we love and want to support our community!


Edgerrin Weaver