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Sonoma County Book Festival Needs Kickstarter Campaign Support By June 17
Written by admin, May 29th, 2013   

Support the Book Festival!

Okay, folks, it’s time to rally to help our sister program! The Sonoma County Book Festival is dedicated to bringing authors and readers together in an outdoor celebration of books and literacy, which it has done for the past 12 years. It’s been a glorious contribution to our county but what you may not know is that we’ve done it on a wing and a prayer. And at this juncture, our funds are low and our volunteers are tired. As the board of directors, we’ve had to ask ourselves, “Do we stop offering this incredible community celebration of books and literacy?” The answer came back as a loud, “Heck no!” The Festival and our community deserve more. In fact, we believe we can make the Festival even better for 2013. Here’s the plan:

* The 2013 Book Festival on Saturday, September 21, is moving to the outdoor courtyard at the Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa  Rosa so all of the Festival offerings are in one spot (and it’s a beautiful spot!).

* We are partnering with our local independent bookseller, Copperfield’s Books, to bring an amazing line-up of nationally acclaimed authors while still showcasing our wonderful local authors.

* We’ll continue to provide presentations, workshops, and a slew of children’s activities in an all-day event that you won’t want to miss and that will remain absolutely FREE.

What do we need? Funding for an executive director who will coordinate all the good things you expect from the festival and help execute our big plans. Currently, we are running on the graces of our board of directors, all volunteers committed to the Festival who are hoping Kickstarter will save the day.

Here’s the idea. Let’s OWN our literary tradition here in Sonoma County. Let’s COMMIT to a better Book Festival where books and authors are celebrated and entry is free to all. Your donation makes that happen. This is one of those instances where you personally benefit from your contribution, AND the whole community benefits as well. We have 30 days to decide, will Sonoma County keep its Book Festival? We ask you to LOVE YOUR FEST and make a contribution:

Thank you!