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Longtime Volunteer Hired As Free Bookmobile Program Assistant
Written by admin, July 25th, 2014   

Talk about good fortune!  Following our successful grassroots fundraising drive this past winter, we began designing a part-time Program Assistant position to help us expand our services throughout Sonoma County.  What we didn’t anticipate was landing our first choice candidate, Stacy Ruppert.  Stacy first became involved with the Free Bookmobile back in 2011 when she headed United Way of the Wine Country’s annual children’s book drive for us.  She quickly proved her mettle, bringing in 5,000 books the first year and over 8,000 books the second!

Since then she’s been an eager volunteer, including handling much of our social media presence, and subsequently, a hard-working board member.  It’s been a pleasure to have her hit the ground running in her new assistant role, as she already knew much about how the Free Bookmobile works behind the scenes.  Her aid has already freed up large amounts of time for our director/driver, meaning more outreach to the neediest Sonoma County residents.  We served over 3,000 people with high quality books of choice in April and May alone, a 50% increase over our usual pace!  Please join us in welcoming Stacy — she can be reached at or 703-1834.

Program Assistant Stacy Ruppert