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I Guess That’s Why They Issue Forecasts
Written by admin, September 15th, 2009   

Rain! Rain has come to Sonoma County after a nice long summer. It was a lovely renewal, a reminder that this too will pass. It also started me thinking: how am I going to keep all the books dry during winter giveaways?

We were spreading the love of reading in Bodega Bay on Sunday, celebrating what looked like a decent break in the weather and a new outlying town to permanently add to our schedule. After a couple of hours a light drizzle set in so Catherine, her daughter Maddy and I set up our newly donated canopy (thanks, Mom!). The canopy edge slid neatly over our trailer side window and still offered enough room in front for all four rolling carts. People kept coming over to browse and it was a satisfying moment for the project – a hurdle apparently cleared.

Then the rain went medieval on us. You know, coming in sideways with gusting winds. This was not something for which we were prepared.

Retreat! Thanks to the Borcherts, we broke camp and go the books back into the watertight trailer in record time. No damage done and a good lesson learned: check the forecast.

I believe it will be possible to plot out our visits around the weather with a little planning and perhaps a few last minute adjustments to locations. Pouring rain throughout the county, however, might sideline us for a while. Unless someone has a walk-through box van they can offer…

Making New Friends around the County
Written by admin, September 1st, 2009   

Since its inception, the Free Bookmobile has been continually blessed with new friends who are all smiles and quick to lend a hand. I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to two of them.

Shortly after we started our trailer construction we were contacted by Mike Berry, a former Healdsburg High School teacher who was eager to help in any way he could. Mike began putting together an approach to some of the folks we want to reach up north, particularly senior facilities and communities, that has been valuable. He also gave us a fourth rolling library cart to complement the three provided by Episcopal Senior Communities. Then I called him about making some signs to advertise our service. I though maybe I had finally stumped him – but not for long! Within a few days he had introduced us to Catherine Borchert, art teacher extraordinaire at Maria Carillo High School.

Catherine not only jumped at the chance to paint up some lovely, playful designs, but shared with us her desire to be more involved in the project. She had been trying to reach out to young persons, to offer them opportunities to create, on her own dime and time, yet had run into frustrating bureaucratic barriers. An art table next to the Bookmobile “Kids Klub” sounded like a perfect match and we had a plan.

This past Sunday, we pulled up to the Bloomfield Volunteer Fire Department Fundraiser BBQ and set up shop. Catherine’s students have had their colorful way with her van so it attracted quite a bit of attention. Together we gave out hundreds of books and the children made special wraps for their bundles with colored pencils and butcher paper. What a great day! Please check out the pictures via our “Making New Friends…” photo gallery page.

Catherine has ever more ideas about how to bring more fun to the project, and I think we might just ask her high-schoolers turn a boring white bookmobile into something…fantastic! Special thanks to her and to Mike Berry for their efforts. We look forward to meeting more kind folks throughout the community who wish to be involved.