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Vehicle Shelter Installed to Protect Free Bookmobile from Elements
Written by admin, January 17th, 2014   

Shelter Composite

Have a gander at our beautiful new vehicle shelter! Thanks again to Impact100 Sonoma, the Free Bookmobile is now protected from sun and rain. This should keep the roof and body in good shape for future generations to come, which is awesome because the engine (a Cummins turbo-diesel) and transmission (Allison) are also of high quality, with low mileage relative to the vehicle’s age. ┬íViva el bibliob├║s!

Basic Necessities of Livermore Donates 84 Boxes of New Children’s Books
Written by admin, January 14th, 2014   

We’re so grateful! Huge thanks to Basic Necessities of Livermore for their recent generous donations of brand new children’s books to the Free Bookmobile. Over the past few months they’ve passed forward 84 boxes of terrific titles that we’ve been putting to the best use possible: providing low-income children and their families with fun, educational literacy materials. We were also very pleased to get to know their directors and hear about how they are helping link all kinds of resources to people in need in the East Bay and beyond. Bravo! We hope to continue this new relationship throughout 2014.

Basic Necessities