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Free Bookmobile Graduates to Independent NPO Status
Written by admin, September 2nd, 2019   

Thank You SCPLF!

After five years of very productive partnership with the Sonoma County Public Library Foundation (SCPLF), the Free Bookmobile has graduated to independent status with its own non-profit registration. We’re striking out on our own to see if we can grow the program into a permanent institution that will outlive its founders!

SCPLF has been a terrific and resilient ally, and we are tremendously grateful for their unflagging support of our mission. They approached us in 2014 with the idea of mutual benefit and their assistance allowed us to focus better on what we do so well: create access to high quality books for the underserved. Our impact grew by 20% in each of the next several years, a testament to the success of the relationship, and a wonderful gift to the children, adults and seniors throughout the region.

The Free Bookmobile now seeks to blossom into a significantly larger organization, which means it’s time to part ways, in application if not in spirit. We continue to appreciate the SCPLF mission: to support of the Sonoma County Public Library System as well as other organizations, programs, and activities that aim to promote the use of library resources, enthusiasm for reading and increased literacy for Sonoma County residents.

Thank you for all we accomplished together!