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Seeking Seniors
Written by admin, November 15th, 2009   

Part of our mission is to bring books to seniors and others who “don’t get around much anymore”. This all came to life last month as we visited Fitch Mountain Terrace, a Burbank Housing apartment complex for seniors and the disabled in Healdsburg. Though the manager had only received our fliers to post a few days prior, the welcome was joyful and the word soon spread that we were in the parking lot. This was definitely a discerning group of readers, taking their time to find the right volumes. They were also a very generous group, bringing donations down from their units for us to give away at other locations.

From there we traveled north to Healdsburg Senior Living, a convalescent facility that had expressed interest in our program after a visit from bookmobile booster Mike Berry. In fact, there was one fellow in particular who caught wind of our plans and was anxious to comb our shelves for cookbooks. It was a really nice event, with elders browsing from both foot and wheelchair. An unanticipated bonus was our ability to serve the staff there. Several individuals, from program managers to the chaplain, picked up new reading material, and some even grabbed stacks for their kids at home.

We are excited to continue to work with groups like Burbank Housing and Petaluma Ecumenical Properties to visit their senior sites. As well we would like to identify convalescent facilities and other senior meeting spots, especially in rural areas. Won’t you please help us by sending in suggestions? This is how so much great information has already come our way.

This Saturday we will be giving away books to the Handicapables group at the Church of the Roses in Santa Rosa. These are individuals with disabilities who gather monthly for lunch and social support. I wouldn’t have known about them had it not been for a tip from a co-worker who sang for them in October…

Be in touch soon!