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Guest Blog: Edgerrin Weaver
Written by admin, February 28th, 2011   

11-year-old conscript Edgerrin Weaver weighs in again today with his perspective on the new Free Bookmobile:

Dear Supporters,

The new bookmobile takes a lot of work off my back compared to the old trailer.  I mean, THANK HEAVENS I don’t have to help attach it to our truck anymore.  It’s also much better because you can heat it (wow!), it’s suitable for rainy conditions (YES!), it can hold way more books so were not constantly reloading it, and you don’t have to pull out those heavy carts to get adult books.  I also love it because you can drive it.

It’s great except for one remaining flaw in this whole system.  Yep, I still have to be at risk of being mauled by books we’ve picked up on the way home in our family truck.  That also adds up to the storage unit overflowing.  It’s only got room for about 20 more boxes, 30 at most.  Then the weekend comes, we give away a bunch and a little space will open up.

OK, my dad has a phase 3 for the bookmobile.  He is going to go full-time with it.  It’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He thinks he can make it even better for everyone.  Personally I like it because I won’t have to go to after-school care and get to go straight home instead. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!  After this, my main point is to express how awesome and successful the new bookmobile is.


Edgerrin Weaver, VOLUNTEER