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Bethlehem Foundation Powers Expansion in Free Bookmobile Senior Services
Written by admin, October 29th, 2016   

The Free Bookmobile will roll to an additional 400 low-income seniors over the next 12 months thanks to generous expansion of support from Bethlehem Foundation! In fact they are helping guarantee the gains we made in 2016 as well with this second-year award to our friendly outreach program. Bethlehem Foundation was established  locally in 2013 with the sale of the high-rise Bethlehem Tower near in downtown Santa Rosa. The building and its new owners, Reiner Communities, will continue to serve low- to very low-income seniors and proceeds from the sale are at work promoting an enhanced quality of life for elder adults throughout Sonoma County.

We are deeply committed to helping these citizens live as fully as possible for as long as possible in their setting of choice. Many face challenges in accessing public resources like the library and so we just drive it right to their doorsteps. We offer large print and audiobook titles for the vision impaired, and our enthusiastic staff bring a wide selection of material in categories of choice out to the ground level for anyone unable to climb our vehicle steps. The Free Bookmobile also offers the elderly a unique and easy way for them to participate, to give back. We are always in need of fresh books for our shelves and delight in receiving contributions lovingly selected from our patrons’ homes. We look forward to building more of these energizing reciprocal relationships in the months to come!

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