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Free Bookmobile Serves Crisis Victims at Fire Evacuation Centers
Written by admin, October 22nd, 2017   

Sonoma Strong

With the devastating wildfires displacing so many of our friends and neighbors, it was a privilege to put our rolling resource into action visiting the fire evacuation centers across Sonoma County. While many of the adults we encountered were hopeful about the condition of their homes, some already knew that they had lost everything. Our book-giving service was a small consolation in a disaster that will deeply change the region for years to come. But we were there to listen to their stories, and to offer an opportunity to relieve their stress and anxiety, at least for a while, by getting lost in a good book. Fortunately our appearances were especially helpful for the displaced children who did not have much else to do.

On our tour we witnessed a tremendous outpouring of support from all corners of our community. Everywhere we went there were volunteers lined up to give whatever was needed, and stockpiles of crucial supplies coming in daily. What an inspiring demonstration of people helping each other directly! Peer-to-peer support is the foundation of the Free Bookmobile’s program model and it was on dramatic display here when the chips were down. For our part, we are now seeking out the neighborhoods and schools that are hosting families most affected by the fires, so we can prioritize them on our routes. Favorite books on the shelves are part of what makes a house a home, and we’re anxious to help people replace what they’ve lost.

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