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Bethlehem Foundation Ensures Continued Access for Area Seniors
Written by admin, November 15th, 2018   

Thanks to generous support from Bethlehem Foundation, the Free Bookmobile will continue its dedicated outreach to Sonoma County’s senior citizens, right to their doorsteps! When we launched the bookmobile program back in 2009, we knew right away that service to elders would be one of our primary goals, as they represent a population with far fewer options for access to books. Many are making do with minimal fixed incomes, meaning less ability to purchase books. They also tend to lose mobility and transportation options as they age. The answer is, of course, the friendly neighborhood Free Bookmobile. We roll up to their place of residence and offer great titles across a wide range of categories, including some audio and large print. And without the burden of figuring out how and when to return the books, our senior patrons can relax and take their time enjoying them. We have learned that they are really good at sharing them later with the neighbors, too!

The caring folks at Bethlehem Foundation have a terrific funding model going: they make grants to enhance the quality of life of local seniors with the investment proceeds from the 2013 sale of Bethlehem Tower, a 159-unit high-rise apartment building located near downtown Santa Rosa. The icing on the cake is that the new property owner, Reiner Communities, has not only completed extensive renovations but continues to serve low- to very low-income seniors, extending the affordability of the project for an additional 55 years.

This is our fourth straight grant from Bethlehem Foundation and we want to extend our gratitude for this terrific partnership!

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