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Speedway Children’s Charities Comes Through Again for Youth & Books
Written by admin, December 3rd, 2018   

SCC Sonoma

Talk about a great use of an existing resource! The creative minds at the Sonoma chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities (SCC) leverage their world-famous racetrack to develop fun, exciting, star-studded events to raise money to help local children. How cool is that? They hosted 12 fundraising affairs during the 2018 season including the Tour de Charity Karting Day, Speedway Children’s Charities NASCAR Banquet, Eric Medlen Nitro Night dinner, and Grand Prix Salute of Sonoma. Some of these events pave a path for amateurs to get onto the track with the pros, and maybe even grab a hot lap behind the wheel. You can join the fun by checking out the 2019 schedule here.

Their core mission has always been to distribute these event proceeds to programs who are making a difference in children’s lives. SCC Sonoma have given more than $6 million to local youth groups since 2001, and the Free Bookmobile has been a proud recipient of funding for our children’s services since 2014.  SCC even gets directly involved with the youngsters themselves, bringing them out for free on-site STEM education with top race engineers. They also deserve special mention for the work of Raceway President and General Manager Steve Page, who opened the facility gates to provide a refuge for those who were evacuated from their homes during the 2017 wildfires. Page and his staff served meals and sorted donations to provide clothing and necessities to evacuees. He also helped mobilize the local community in thanking public safety personnel, spearheading a “Laps of Appreciation” fundraiser that generated more than $72,000 for the Sonoma County Resilience Fund and the Redwood Valley and Santa Rosa Community Recovery Fund. Ultimately SCC Sonoma established its own Fire Resilience Fund to distribute grants to youth-serving groups that have increased or created programs to support the amplified needs after the fires.

Thank you, Speedway Children’s Charities Sonoma, for your tremendous involvement with our community. We’re so happy to be part of the family!


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