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STEAM Home Activities Family Guide Available from Sonoma Raceway
Written by admin, June 6th, 2020   

STEAM Challenge

Our good friends at Sonoma Raceway have created a home study and activity guide that focuses on race-themed lessons in STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The goal is to make learning fun and connected to the world. The STEAM Race Car Challenge looks at race cars from a scientific perspective.

Most children learn best through hands-on projects. From cardboard, rubber bands, straws, buttons and an array of other objects will emerge a car powered by gravity alone. Design features that address efficient aerodynamics, reduce drag, minimize friction, increase speed and maximize distance make lessons in physics stick. In addition, this project is a practical venue to develop and reinforce 21st Century skills essential for career success in today’s workplace. When students are posed with questions like “What is the best design to make a car move faster?” or “What materials should I use that are durable but allow for maximum speed?” they have to be critical and creative thinkers to solve the challenge.

This year’s classroom teacher guide has been modified into something families can do at home to support remote-learning. Both the full downloadable packet and individual lessons can be found on Sonoma Raceway’s website by clicking here:

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