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Free Bookmobile Changes Name (Ever So Slightly)
Written by admin, December 13th, 2011   

We have to admit that, from the beginning, people often assumed that we were part of Sonoma County’s official government services.  The fact that the local library system is called “The Sonoma County Library” and that public libraries are the usual sponsors of outreach like ours strengthened this supposed link.  We spend time each day we are out giving away books clarifying our status as an independent non-profit not formally associated with the library system.  So it’s finally time to make an adjustment and reduce confusion!

From here forward, we will be known as the Free Bookmobile of Sonoma County.  It’s important that we still describe the area that we serve and we are especially glad that the new name further emphasizes the fact that the books are free.  Our website will be sporting new logos soon, and because our vehicle hasn’t yet been painted, we’re in time to get our new name on there…as soon as we can raise the funds to do so!

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